getting-a-better-return-on-your-innovation-investmentThe Unique business philosophy was defined at inception and underlies all of our actions and decisions. At the foundation of our philosophy, we recognize individuals have a powerful self-interest. Therefore, we focus on aligning that self-interest with the interests of our greater stakeholder base. Alignment is the most important concept in our business philosophy and is a driver in most every thing we do. With proper alignment, individual reward is directly linked to value creation. Consequently, the success of each investment creates additional opportunities for our entire stakeholder base.

The next level of Unique’s business philosophy houses our five guiding principles. We want all of our stakeholders’ actions to exemplify these principles.

INTEGRITY — To communicate and act with truth and sincerity.

HUMILITY — To act without ego while working with others.

COURAGE — Having the strength to do what is right.

CURIOSITY — The desire to learn about and improve yourself, others, and your surroundings.

ACCURACY — To understand, give, and receive information with clarity and precision.

Next, we define our core purpose as Continuous Improvement. We want to surround ourselves with smart and talented people who wake up each day with the desire to improve themselves and the environments in which they participate. We have found this standard practice yields the best results while allowing our team to have the most fun.

At the pinnacle of our business philosophy is capital. We are stewards of capital. Everyone in our organization is responsible for creating value and generating a return on the capital we place. Making money gives our organization life. If we do it well, our opportunities are endless.

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