Management Process for Investments

Tips-for-Beginner-Investors-1Unique Management, LLC is a management advisory company that enters into management agreements with all of our investments and their associated legal entities. This agreement provides for continuous advisory services for the benefit of each investment.

Each operating investment develops an annual business plan based on a Unique Management proprietary business planning process. During this process, the strategy and all supporting initiatives for the business are developed and ultimately adopted by the management teams as well as all Stakeholder Members. Once adopted, these business plans serve as the roadmaps for creating value and maximizing each opportunity.

Each investment periodically reports on their progress, including business plan deviations, industry updates, strategy analysis, initiative shifts as well as all financial reporting details. At the beginning of each week, all operating investments submit a weekly report to Unique Management, a copy of which is seen by all Stakeholder Members. Additionally, all investments submit a monthly report that includes additional detail on the above mentioned items. Stakeholder Members meet each month to discuss the monthly results for each investment, to set expectations for the upcoming month, and to discuss real-time issues and opportunities within the family. This allows Unique Management to best leverage the collective knowledge and experience of the Stakeholder Members for the improvement of all our investments.

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